Membrane switches

Membrane switches are flexible elements for switching the electrical circuit. They combine within themselves the graphics of the Graphic overlays and the circuit breaker switching elements. The keyboards could be adapted with all parameters to customer requirements.

There is a wide range of options:

  • material - PET, polycarbonate
  • thickness
  • surface texture
  • adhesive layer
  • colouring and design
  • printing technology
  • type of buttons - with flip-flops, dead-pressed or flat buttons
  • inserted components - LEDs, resistor
  • insertion of outlet into a flat connection with different types of connectors
  • Keypad backlight
  • RFI / ESD / EMC shielding.

Benefits - simple interface, wide design variability, low costs, good maintainability, short delivery times, efficient assemblage and combinability with other products.